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Brussels sprouts

The following instructions also apply to other green vegetables, cauliflower, carrots and other hard vegetables. 


In the first three photos, to the left, I have 20 Brussels sprouts. Using my pairing knife I remove the bottom brown portion and the outer loose leaves. I then cut them all in half through the "root end" or axis. The "root end", like an onion and a head of cabbage, is holding on to every leaf. If you cut them through the equator you will loose the top half of the leaves in the water. 

In the next two photos I have a six quart pot with four quarts of water rapidly boiling. I added two tablespoons of salt and then I added the Brussels sprouts. I like my Brussels sprouts fully cooked, but not over cooked, so they rapidly boiled for about seven minuites.

In the last two photos I strained the Brussels sprouts and put them in a small saute pan (or you could use a bowl). I seasoned with salt and pepper and added the Brown Butter Garlic.  I gave it a toss to melt the butter and served.